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Meet Jai behind the Butters

Hi, welcome to Jai Butters, LLC, I am Jai! Because of my dad having scalp psoriasis and me having sensitive and itchy skin due to eczema it was difficult to find natural products that would help soothe, relieve and lock in moisture, Jai Butters was born. In 2017, my dad began to research and experiment with shea butter, other natural carrier oils, and essential oils and after several failed attempts he created the right combination that soothed and moisturized our skin and we quickly began to see the benefits. With his Scalp psoriasis being controled and my eczema clearing up, Shea butter became part of our daily routine. After years of using this formula, we decided it was time to share our creation with the world. Thank you for selecting Jai Butters for your skincare needs. 
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Our Commitment


Our commitment to you is to create and provide healthy, effective skincare and wellness products;

while providing excellent customer care.

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